April 05, 2018 2 min read

It feels like this winter has gone on forever. We are not complaining, we’ve enjoyed the snow and the crisp mornings but we are now officially excited for summer. The warm weather is one reason why excitement is building in our office forMay. However, as of today, there is something else that is bringing a whole other level of hysteria.  

Since the day we launched Gym+Coffee, the most important thing to us has been the incredible support of our community. That is the reason why we try to collaborate as much as we possibly can. We take your feedback on everything we do extremely serious. Our goal is to be the most collaborative brand on earth. A big goal we know but that’s how strongly we feel about it.

When deciding on a new product, it was a no-brainer to go straight to our community for advice. The community certainly voiced their opinion and our next addition was an overwhelmingly obvious choice.

The decision was made over a year ago to launch but we knew that everything had to be just right. We listened to your likes and dislikes. We brought in many collaborators that we worked with in the past to lend their thoughts. The quality and the functionality of the product held the very utmost importance to us.

Following on from the decision to introduce a new addition to our range, we decided we wouldn’t launch anything until we were absolutely satisfied with the result. When we say “absolutely satisfied”, we mean it. We didn’t want something that was “good enough”, we wanted something that would blow you guys away!

The manufacturing had to be just right. The design, look, feel, and functionality had to be perfect. We went through hundreds of samples and hours upon hours of rigorous testing and redesigning. We made the decision to either produce our best or nothing at all.

Thankfully, it didn’t come to that and the day of launch is almost upon us. The final touches have been made and months of testing have finally paid off. We could not be more excited to show you the finished product.

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