Teaming up with David Gillick to Launch the Parker Half Zip

Teaming up with David Gillick to Launch the Parker Half Zip

Today is the launch of our latest addition to the collection, the Parker Half Zip Range. Taking its name from our first ever office, we couldn’t be prouder of the end result after 10 months in development. With this top, we knew we had to balance fashion and function perfectly. The Parker Half Zip was designed for the early morning runner and this top boasts a number of fantastic features with that person in mind.

We have become a little obsessed with morning rituals and routines over the last year while going through this design process. The morning is so powerful in deciding what kind of a day you have and so starting the day on the right foot is crucial. So much is written about health and wellness these days that at times it can become slightly overwhelming. Over the last year, we have discovered just one thing we need to remember and it is no massive secret: the best time to get up is an hour earlier. Just one simple thought and action is incredibly effective as it gives you time at the start of your day and allows you the space to include exercise as part of your morning ritual.

David Gillick

So to mark the launch of the Parker Half Zip, we wanted to celebrate this idea! We teamed up with Olympian, David Gillick, to shoot this video and highlight how effective that approach to mornings can be. David is the Irish national record holder over 400 metres, a record that has stood now for almost 10 years. He is an incredible personality who is inspiring many people with his attitude and energy and ‘Back on Track’ message. When chatting to David he shared with us “My belief is that good health requires creating balance in four key areas of our lives: Diet – Exercise - Mindset - Rest and Recovery. Morning rituals have a massive influence on a number of these areas. I’m delighted to work with G+C and the Parker Half Zip is a super running top.”

Diarmuid, our Head of Marketing, said “We are very excited about this launch and to have the chance to team up with David Gillick is incredible. David sums up all of the values we try to live by and we couldn’t think of anyone better to launch the Parker range.”

We hope you love this range as much as we do and we would love to hear your feedback!