December 27, 2017 2 min read

Since we launched Gym+Coffee back in January, our main focus has been our Hoodies. We spent months researching fabrics and sourcing suppliers to ensure we were happy with quality, style and fit. The feedback has been amazing and we are delighted our community are as happy with our hoodies as we are. Admittedly, we have been slow to launch new products and this has been intentional. It is crucial that every product we launch is top quality and this is something we will not compromise on.

Since the launch, a question we keep hearing has been “will you guys be doing leggings?” This is something that has always been in the back of our minds and we knew it would be a huge challenge. While hoodies are a signature activewear item, if there are any problems it’s not a big deal. With leggings, there is so much more to consider in the design and manufacturing phase.  But it was still a challenge we definitely wanted to take on and we knew we would need some help.

With our community continuing to grow and become increasingly loud :) we thought who better to help us with these leggings. We contacted fitness instructors, yoga teachers and personal trainers who we have collaborated with over the past year and they have helped us immensely in the design process. We spent hours with each instructor learning about the various leggings features needed for each sport to ensure the leggings we launch cater for everyone. In the video here, you can see one of the workshops we did recently where we talk in greater detail about the process we have been going through.

On top of this, we spent time in Singapore and have managed to secure a partnership with a leading manufacturer who work alongside some of the top brands including Lululemon, Adidas and Puma. For a company as prestigious as them to see potential in a new brand like ourselves has been so encouraging. We have been through various stages of sampling and feel we are getting close to the final product. We invited our team of experts down to showcase our most recent sample and again we got some super feedback and we feel we are getting very close to the launch of G+C’s first leggings. We can’t wait to show them to you!

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