Launching our #EveningStretch series

During the Summer we ran a 10 week outdoor exercise series called our #SummerStretch series (blog post here). The idea was to create fun new opportunities for people to exercise, socialise, encourage an active lifestyle and live our ethos to Make life Richer.

While it was a busy 10 weeks for us, we absolutely loved it! We started out not knowing what to expect so, when our first one had ~30 people turn up to do a bootcamp in Bushy Park, we were so enthused to do 9 more. However, we never thought it would get as big as it did and, by our 9th event, we had over 120 people taking part in a yoga class in Phoenix Park, Dublin.

While there are so many reasons we enjoyed running this series, the most encouraging thing for us was seeing a community of people meet up on a Sunday to stretch themselves. It showed us there was an appetite for events like these and we were very proud that we could be the facilitators of this….and now we want to do it again! :)

So, we’re excited to announce our #EveningStretch series! Building on what we achieved during the summer but tailored a little better for the winter months. Our first one will take place next Thursday October 12th (details to be announced tomorrow). The #EveningStretch series will run every second week from now until December 7th.

Our #EveningStretch series will have elements of fitness and we will also include other interesting ways to stretch yourself, learn new skills, socialise and have some fun. We’re excited to collaborate with some inspiring instructors, some amazing businesses, and a community of positive people once again.

If you’re interested in our #EveningStretch series let us know in the comments below. We are also open to all suggestions so let us know what you’d like to do as part of the series! :)


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