November 04, 2018 2 min read

We are delighted to launch our new blog today. After a lot of work, we have simplified the layout and also broken down our updates into three parts: knowledge, community and experiences. Knowledge covers all of our news, product launches and any new developments with our stores and brand. Community covers the amazing stories from things like ‘Hoodies In The Wild’ from our community and any tips and lessons we can share from people we are lucky enough to collaborate with. Experiences covers any events we have a presence at and of course any of our own experiences to update you on. There will be much more to come here in 2019.

This update to the blog is just one small part of our future planning project which has taken up a lot of our time recently. Thinking ahead to 2019, there will be big changes for us in all areas of the business. We will continue to develop our store offering and look to see how we can expand our footprint. We are determined and excited to plan more events and experiences for you to enjoy and ensure we are walking our talk continuously. Your feedback to our survey a few months was invaluable in helping us focus on this area. We will also constantly figure out ways we can involve our community more in everything that we do.

We are as passionate as ever and excited to get stuck into the next chapter of G+C. Of course, to achieve all of this, we will need some help. Thankfully, we now have 8 people working for us in our office and 7 people working in our various stores. Our team are integral to our success and we can’t wait to see how everything develops next year. A bigger team also means a bigger office and so this week we will move to a new temporary office in Dublin 2.

As always, thank you for continued support on social media and instore.

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