World Mental Health Day falls on 10th October. At Gym+Coffee, this topic is one that we feel we need to speak about and act upon beyond just one single day. Now and into the future, we’re committed to doing our utmost to tackle mental health issues head-on through our events, partners + activations.

To kickstart our efforts this October, please join us for a month-long agenda of walks, talks, activities, blogs + events all aiming to help us find ways to raise awareness and show our support to one another


As a brand, we encourage our community to connect with each other and Make Life Richer. Let’s come together across the month of October to do just that with a particular focus on mental health. We’ll be hosting free Walk+Talk events across 6 of our Irish & UK Clubhouses alongside our specialist partners. Please join us by signing up below:

Further to that, we’ll host our first ever event in central London which is our +Pause holistic wellness event. We’ll be sharing more details on this with the local community soon.


We’re lucky to have the support of some incredible partners such as RunTalkRun, Sanctuary Runners, Nichola Suitor, Solace House + Caroline McKenna. We’re teaming up with these experts to bring our community closer together through important conversations and interactive sessions.

RunTalkRun are on a mission to increase accessibility to mental health support through running & walking peer support groups. They’ll lead the community for our Walk+Talk sessions in Dublin, Limerick, Liverpool + Manchester.

The Sanctuary Runners, who will lead our Cork sessions, are a non-political group of Irish residents, refugees and asylum seekers who run, jog and walk together, as one team. Their community provides a positive, respectful and inclusive experience for everyone.

Heading up our Belfast session will be Nichola Suitor, a yoga instructor with over 18 years of experience. She helps her community to connect their mind, body + soul through flow, movement + breathing techniques.

In the US, we’re inviting our community to participate in Sober October to help raise awareness and funds for Solace House who provide free, confidential, therapeutic counseling for anyone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts or suicidal distress.

Caroline McKenna, host of the ‘A County Down Under’ podcast in Australia and the embodiment of our values at Gym+Coffee, will be running a virtual well-being talk and yoga and meditation session for the local community on World Mental Health Day.


Over the course of the month and beyond, we’ll be speaking to a number of ambassadors who have found ways to maintain a healthier mind through a number of physical, social + mental techniques. We’ll also be launching our MLR Community video series. Stay tuned for more details on that soon.

As a brand who passionately believes in a Make Life Richer philosophy, we want to do all that we can to help our community achieve that. Please join us in any way that you can so that we can come together to support one another. We've also made a list of resources for you.