Warning: may cause envy from beachgoers. This burning ab workout is sure to get you motivated! We've included our favourite G+C products to get your sweat on! Check them out below.

An abdominal workout is a type of exercise that focuses on the muscles in your abdomen. The most common exercises are crunches and sit-ups, but there are many other ways to work out your abs.

An effective ab workout can help you burn fat, improve posture and build strength throughout your core--which is important for everything from sports performance to injury prevention. You will need a good range of movement and for your ab workout from your clothing. Don’t be restricted and move freely in any of our workout tops and bottoms.

For beginners try 3 rounds, for those more familiar with these exercises, give 5 a try!


1. Side Plank Toe Touch 10x Each Side

The side plank toe touch is a great exercise for working your core and upper body. It's also a great way to improve balance, which can help prevent injury when performing other exercises. This move requires you to hold yourself up on one arm while reaching toward the ground with your opposite leg.

To do this exercise correctly in your most dazzling leggings or shorts:

Assume a side plank position by lying on your side with both arms extended straight out in front of you at shoulder level and feet stacked on top of each other (or as close as possible). 

Maintain this position throughout the entire movement so that only one shoulder touches down at any given time; don't let both shoulders touch down at once!

Lift up onto both forearms so that they're parallel with the floor; make sure not to let them drop below parallel or else risk injury! Your body should form an inverted "V" shape when viewed from above. Make sure not to overarch or round out either side of this.

2. Full Extension 20x

Full extension is an exercise that targets your core muscles and involves bringing your arms and legs perpendicular to the floor while engaging your abs. 

To do it right, start by lying down on your mat with your arms and legs extended straight and your core engaged. 

Using your ab muscles and focusing on engaging your core, bring your hands and feet towards each other until they meet at a perpendicular stance to the mat, while keeping your chin tucked and eyes on your feet. 

Then, slowly bring your arms and legs back towards an inch from the floor while continuing to engage your core. 

Repeat for the next rep and feel the burn! You will want leggings or shorts that won’t budge in this movement with support from a sports bra if needed. Looking for coverage that won’t move? Try our activate vest and run free tee range

3. Flutter-kick 20x

Flutter-kicks are an excellent way to strengthen your core and lower body. They're also great for improving flexibility and helping you develop a more efficient kick in the water.

To do this exercise, 

Lie on your back with both feet flat on the floor or mat. 

Bend both knees so that they're pointing toward the ceiling; keep them together as you lift them off of the ground about 12 inches (30 cm). 

Then, keeping them straight and together, raise them up and down as fast as possible while keeping pressure on your lower back throughout each movement--don't let it arch up off of its support under any circumstances! 

Try not to let those imaginary hands move away from their position at all during this exercise! You’re sure to work up a sweat during this ab burning exercise! Our breathable Celero range is perfect for these high intensity movements!.

4. Side-Plank Dip 10x Each Side

The side-plank dip is a great way to work your core and arms.

To do it, lie on your side with your legs straight and stacked on top of each other. 

Lift yourself up onto one arm so that only the bottom arm and foot are touching the floor (the rest of your body should be suspended). 

Next, straighten out that bottom leg by raising it off of the floor until both legs are extended in front of you. 

Slowly lower down into a squatting position while keeping both feet planted firmly on the ground (this will make sure that you don't put too much pressure on either leg). 

Then return back up into plank position before repeating.


Warm up in style before slipping off your hoodie or midlayer. A warm-up is an exercise or set of exercises that prepares your body for the workout to come. It warms up your muscles, helping them stretch and relax. 

A proper warm-up should also increase blood flow to the muscles, which helps reduce injury risk by increasing flexibility and reducing muscle soreness after a workout.

Warming up properly can help prevent injury during a workout because it allows you to gradually increase the intensity of your movements without straining any part of your body too quickly or intensely--and this will help keep those muscles safe throughout the rest of your session!


Cooling down is an important part of any workout, just as your perfect workout outfit! but unlike your outfit it is often overlooked. 

When you do a hard workout, your body heats up and needs time to cool down before you can safely go about your day. 

A proper cool-down will help prevent injuries and soreness while you’re grabbing your coffee in your favourite hoodie or jacket later on.

What is cooling down?

Cooling down involves gently stretching muscles that have been worked during exercise in order to lengthen them out and allow them to relax after being contracted during exercise. 

This helps prevent tightness or stiffness in those muscles later on (which can lead to injury). 

It also allows blood flow through the body at a slower rate so that lactic acid can be removed from muscles more efficiently--lactic acid buildup causes soreness after strenuous activity like weightlifting or cardio workouts!


Stretching is an important part of any workout routine. Stretching helps you to improve your flexibility, which in turn can help prevent injury and pain. It also helps with posture and balance, as well as improving circulation throughout the body. A 4 way stretch fabric is essential for any outfit piece when stretching. Our training wear has every aspect of your workout covered from warm up to cool down the most advanced stretches in mind.

The best way to stretch is by doing static stretches after a workout or even before if you're able to fit it into your schedule! Static stretching involves holding each position for at least 30 seconds before moving on to another one, so be sure that when you find yourself needing more time than this then just keep going until it feels right! 

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