5 Reasons Niall Horan Is Backing Gym+Coffee

Niall Horan, the renowned singer who stole hearts with his melodies and captivating voice, has ventured into new horizons by supporting the buzzing athleisure brand, Gym+Coffee.

While Niall's affinity of music and fashion might come as a surprise to many, there's more to this collaboration than meets the eye.

Here are five compelling reasons why Niall Horan is putting his weight behind this thriving athleisure brand...

  • "I love the gear, the quality is just amazing!"

  • "I just knew the business was booming in Ireland, and thought we could take this on a global stage!"

1. "I kept hearing about it" 👀

Niall first heard about Gym+Coffee after hearing about it from multiple family, friends, and even other celebrities which peaked his curiosity. After picking up his first few pieces, he was hooked and knew he has to be more involved, and reached out to the founder who shares a remarkably similar name, Niall Horgan!

"I met Niall, and I just fell in love with it"

2. "The Quality is just Amazing!"

Unlike other brands, the quality of Gym+Coffee gear is second to none. From the first moment you feel it, you know it's made from premium material. It's where style meets quality, making it a celebrity favourite.

3. Dual-Purpose Design

Whether for workouts or daily activities, Gym Plus Coffee offers versatility, fitting into the dynamic lifestyles of moms, college students, young-professionals, and celebrities alike.

4. An incredible community of real people 💚

Unlike brands that solely showcase idealised fitness models, Gym Plus Coffee celebrates a community of real people, championing authentic body types and everyday champions, making it relatable and welcoming for all.

5. A Brand That Deserves The Global Stage

Gym Plus Coffee's commitment to authenticity, combined with its top-tier quality and representation of everyday champions, is exactly why it's ready for the global stage.



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