#SummerStretch 2018: The Story So Far

March 18, 2020 3 min read

#SummerStretch 2018: The Story So Far

Summer Stretch Series 2018 Has Hit Halfway

Earlier this week, we had a chance to reflect on our year so far and check in on the goals we set for ourselves for 2018. Being the year's halfway point, we thought it was an appropriate time to update you all on our journey.

We are also, somehow, already halfway through this year's Summer Stretch Series. Once again, the response has been amazing. The series is up there with the best things we've done as a company. Having the chance to meet with our community and share a workout has been absolutely brilliant.

As we've taken this week as a time to pause and quickly reflect, we thought we'd fill you on how it's gone so far and what we have planned for the weeks ahead.

Laya Healthcare Joining The Team

The first big news of this year's #SummerStretch happened before even a bead of sweat was dripped. Prior to the launch of the first event we announced that we were teaming up with Healthcoach by Laya Healthcare

This was a huge moment for us. In 2017 we turned a simple desire to get people out and active into a 10 week series we called Summer Stretch. To be honest, we were nervous that not a single person would show up and it would be a complete flop. 

Thankfully, thanks to our supportive community, the series really took off and captured people's imagination. The fact that a massive organization such as Laya Healthcare saw potential in what we were doing and wanted to get involved was such a boost. Their support to date has been great and is helping the series hit new heights. 

Rooftops, All-Time Highs and Heading West

We are five sessions into this year's series and have been blow away once again by the response. 

There were many first in this Summer's series. In the first week we held our first rooftop workout. We wanted to start on a high but didn't expect it to be so literal. The rooftop workout with Anytime Fitness Kilmainham was something really special. A unique way of kicking it all off.

Following on from that, for the very first time the #SummerStretch headed to the West. Last year's Gaelic Footballer of the year, Andy Moran and his team from The Movement Gym led one of the biggest events to date. It was a treat to learn from a fitness master, someone who seems to be coming back fitter every single year. The West really was good to us and we can't wait to return soon, very soon in fact. More on that to come.


In the last few weeks, we've had H.I.I.T yoga with @JulieBYoga. A live DJ and bopping tunes with Fearless Moves & @JenniTrx . A seaside yoga session with the amazing Liz Costigan of Postive Fitness Project.

The series keeps getting better and we couldn't be more grateful for the support we've received. Attendances have passed the century mark on a number of occasions. We even hit an all-time high at Herbert Park with Julie Burke. 

We want to thank all the trainers, attendees and not to forget the remarkably generous coffee owners. A major part of each session has been the chance to unwind and chat with everyone over post-workout coffees. A massive thanks to Cafe Rua, Lolly&Cooks and Ebb&Flow. Without you all, we'd still be back mulling over a potentially cool idea with nothing to show for it.

So Much More To Come

We might already be five sessions deep but that only means there are still five to come and lots of fun to be had.

We don't want to give too much away but we will reveal the locations so people can plan ahead. This weekend, the 1st of July, we are in Bushy Park, Dublin with an event that's sure to be very popular (full details here). The following weekends we will be inSalthill, Galway (July 8th),Fitzgerald Park, Cork (July 15th),St Anne's Park, Dublin (July 22nd) and finishing up inGreystones on July 29th.

We've some brilliant sessions planned and we encourage everyone to come along. Get out your diaries and save the date. There is still lots of time to join in the fun.

Thanks again to everyone that has helped get this year's series off to a successful start. 

Interested in attending this week's session? Check out all the details here

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