The Complete Gym+Coffee Summer Looks

March 18, 2020 2 min read

The Complete Gym+Coffee Summer Looks

The Summer Collection is Here!

The warm weather is here and Gym+Coffee wants you to enjoy it in style.

You might have noticed that our collection has been rapidly expanding in recent times. 

In 2017 we started out with our fleck hoodies, classic hoodies, t-shirts and beanies. In the last few months alone, we've added a number of products to that line up. There's been the long awaited introduction of our leggings collection, vests and our new line of women's tank tops - theU-Range

All of this just in time for Summer!

Get The G+C Summer Look

Something we have been getting very excited about recently is the prospect of an all G+C outfit.

Since early days, as people were getting the first glimpse of our hoodies, the questions of "what's next?" have been ever-present. 

We collaborated with our community on what they wanted and it was this collaboration which lead to the releases mentioned above.  Now, with the launch of our vests, tanks and leggings, a full G+C Summer look is well and truly on the cards.

Below are just a few ways to wear your G+C this Summer.

The lightweight tanks of the U-Range are loose fitting, making them ideal for layering. Why not match it with a classic hoodie?

Gym or Coffee? All-In Leggings matched with a light grey tank and Red Fleck Lite Hoodie. Perfect outfit whether you are working out or just heading out. 

Go bright this Summer. Red Fleck Lite, Blue Fleck Lite, Pink Fleck or Green Fleck. Just some of the Summer-suited options in our Hoodies Collection.


Comfort with a splash of colour. 

Pair our buttery soft leggings with the slim fitting and uniquely coloured 'Arctic Blue' or 'Maroon Red' Vests. 

Gym+Coffee Outdoors

Enjoy the Summer heat in any of our tank tops from the U-Range. 

We love this look of leggings and tank top with a fleck hoodie for when the temperature drops. The perfect Summer pairing.

Designed with fashion and functionality in mind. All of our vests and tanks feature a racerback for maximum range of motion.

We are beyond excited and absolutely delighted to be adding to our collection. As always, collaboration played a massive part in every launch and it's something we want to keep doing in the future. 

Do you like the looks? What would you guys like to see next? Anything missing from our outfits? What would you like to see in our Autumn Collection?

Collaboration is so important to us that we created a short survey so you can help us in making the next steps. If you have a minute, we would really appreciate your feedback.

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