Chapter 8: There's a lot going on! :)

Chapter 8: There's a lot going on! :)

June 09, 2017

BreatChapter 8: There's a lot going on! :)h!! We got this!! The last few weeks have been moving at a very fast pace for us at Gym+Coffee. A few weeks back we sat down and made plans about what we wanted to achieve in May and June and it’s been a whirlwind since. May kicked off with Wellfest, that was quickly followed by our first radio interview on Today FM, (link here) we launched our 10 week #SummerStretch series, we attended Woman’s World in Dublin, we updated our website images, we launched Jet Black, Green Fleck and our Fleck Lite range and we finalized the design, fabric, fit and colours of our upcoming t-shirt range. While it’s been pretty hectic, we are absolutely loving it all. When we look at the list of accomplishments I just mentioned we’re quite proud of what we have been able to do.  
A real highlight for us has been the #SummerStretch series. We have been thrilled by the response to this and the number of people turning up every weekend. It’s really encouraging for us to see things work or go well but, I guess, in general everything we try is a new learning for us. Even when we know we could have done something differently or better, it’s still cool to feel like we’ve stretched ourselves. For example, our radio interview was quite nerving, and there’s some answers we would change but at the same time it was a brilliant experience, and something we can learn from and do better next time. We are aiming to try get some more PR over the coming weeks and months (if anybody has any press connections please let us know, we’d be thrilled to get an introduction?)


There are some areas though that we continue to struggle with. Stock in particular has been very hard for us to predict and to get right. On one hand, being sold out of stock is a positive problem to have but it’s also a really frustrating one. While our community has been very supportive and patient waiting for new stock, we can’t help but feel very disappointed that we have to ask people to wait a few weeks for a hoodie to be back in stock. It’s difficult to get right because we need to be thinking ~8 weeks ahead of time and stock too is a large cost for us so trying to balance this all is tough. We have a small order of hoodies and tshirts arriving soon which will hopefully tie us over until a large stock order arrives in July. Once this larger shipment arrives it should take the pressure off us and we can do a better job predicting future orders!

Building on this need to better predict stock, we also feel we can do a better job on planning ahead in all areas of Gym+Coffee. Being honest at the moment we’re only on top of the next 2 weeks!! Things are moving so fast that anything beyond this falls into the “we’ll figure it out then” bucket! While this is a usual feeling for new companies, and it is exciting, it’s also on that line between excitement and panic making it hard to maintain this. So we’ve given ourselves a challenge that by the end of the summer we will have finalised a concrete, detailed plan of action for Gym+Coffee. This will include details on new products, marketing campaigns, a plan to expand internationally, a new website and a better system for managing our stock. There’s a big few months ahead for us and we’re excited to get stuck into things even more.

This is all new for us and we’re certainly open to hear any advice, ideas, expertise from anybody. If you have any suggestions then please do email us at . We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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Gym+Coffee apparel is designed to provide the perfect combination of style and comfort, suitable for exercising or grabbing a coffee. Our clothing is fitted in style. For hoodies and t-shirts, these are our advised sizes for your measurements for our Mens Range. 





   36 - 38   < 32


   38 - 40
 32 - 34


   40 - 42
 34 - 36


   42 - 44
 36 - 38


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 38 - 40



Gym+Coffee apparel is designed to provide the perfect combination of style and comfort, suitable for exercising or grabbing a coffee. Our clothing is fitted in style. For hoodies and t-shirts, these are our advised sizes for your measurements for our Womens Range.  




X-Small / UK 6 / US 2


  < 32

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Medium / UK 10 / US 6

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