20 things that happened in 2018 and 18 things that didn’t

December 30, 2018 3 min read

20 things that happened in 2018 and 18 things that didn’t

Things that did happen:

  1. Gym+Coffee opened its first retail location EVER, in Dundrum Town Centre (and the crowd went wild)
  2. Ireland beat New Zealand in a game of rugby and now Adele (our resident kiwi) has decided that rugby isn’t that important really anyway so stop talking to her about it
  3. Someone searched Google for ‘Jim and Coffey clothing’ and found our site and clicked on it however sadly did not purchase anything #missedopportunities #WhoIsJimCoffey
  4. Gym+Coffee launched the long-awaited LEGGINGS range (and the crowd went wild again!)
  5. Someone found a way for you to HEAR THE SUN. Mind=blown.
  6. The Republic of Ireland voted to Repeal the 8th amendment
  7. The Gym+Coffee team TRIPLED
  8. We listened to ‘I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas’ at least 78 times because Kate became obsessed with it
  9. We moved offices!
  10. The office got a Worry Monster and now everything’s fine
  11. Allie, our Digital Marketing guru moved from New York back home to Ireland so she could become our Digital Marketing guru. Yay!!!!
  12. Gym+Coffee held their LAUNCH EVENT IN AMERICA. New York to be exact and it was excellent
  13. The G+C lads decided thatonlywearing shorts was not a great idea when you live in Ireland
  14. Our Gym+Coffee Summer Stretch series took place throughout the summer and there was some serious stretching going on and some awesome friendships were made
  15. We launched our ‘Random Thoughts’ email series and turns out we have a lot of random thoughts
  16. There were two engagements in the G+C offices! Which (even better) means two weddings coming up yeeeeeeoooooowwwwww!
  17. Our retail staff listened to Bon Jovi more than any other artist in-store this year and I think you know who we are now
  18. We opened our second retail location - a pop-up store in Arnotts and the crowd went wild YET AGAIN
  19. We ran out of beanies a couple times. We are really sorry… We will do better in 2019
  20. We had a Christmas party and turns out none of us are very good at Ten Pin Bowling. Anyone wanna start a beginners league next year…?

Gym+Coffee Team Bowling Day Out

Things that DID NOT happen in 2018

  1. No-one asked us who Darryl is
  2. We did not jump in the sea enough times. Ian Morley (videographer extraordinaire) did not jump in the sea at all.
  3. None of the Gym+Coffee employees got tickets to the Spice Girls OR the Backstreet Boys reunion tours
  4. Ireland did not suddenly stop being rainy
  5. We did not get an office dog
  6. We did not get an office cat
  7. Pink Fleck hoodies did not become less popular
  8. The U.S. did not get a new president
  9. We did not make the most of the fact that Kate used to work at a Christmas jumper store
  10. Adele did not get a pet raccoon
  11. We did not hire a Lead Hoodie Tryer-Onner. YET.
  12. None of us fully completed a 12 pubs and we’re not that sorry about it
  13. We did not correctly complete the answer to the question ‘Which Ten Countries in the World Have Only 4 Letters in Their Names?
  14. We did not successfully convince Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to become a Gym+Coffee ambassador
  15. We did not order enough beanies. Again, really sorry about that
  16. We did not correctly anticipate the popularity of our Christmas Gift Boxes
  17. Gym+Coffee staff did not drink fewer than 1.6 coffees each, on average, per day
  18. Natalie did not drink fewer than 3.2 coffees on average, by herself, every day in store.

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