#SummerStretch: Number 5

We are so excited about this weekend's #SummerStretch. So far we've had a bootcamp, two different yoga classes and circuit training all in outdoor parks so this weekend it will be a little different. For this #SummerStretch we're taking to the streets! :)

This Sunday at 10:30am Crossfit Navitas coach Rob Sweeney will lead a group training session on the streets of Dublin. After a good warm up and stretch, the session will combine a mixture of general exercises, basic crossfit movements and a partner workout all surrounded by graffiti walls! We are so excited that Rob is taking this session. He has been a huge support to Gym+Coffee since we launched and is one of the top trainers around Dublin!

We will be meeting outside Crossfit Navitas on Camden Street, across from Tesco at 10:30am. (to see exact loaction please click on the address above)

As always all levels of fitness are welcome. We expect a big turnout this weekend so please register your interest below and spread the word! :)