Gym+Coffee X Google

September 08, 2019 1 min read

Gym+Coffee X Google

Last week was a very exciting first for us as we helped Google wrap-up their Health & Fitness Culture Week with a mini Summer Stretch event in our favourite stomping ground, Herbert Park!

Our team met this active & excited crowd of Googlers at Google HQ where we rallied and then left for a light jog to the park. There, our co-founder Diarmuid chatted a bit about what makes us, ‘Us’ and how Gym+Coffee came about then it was straight into a workout session with Sean Harding, owning of B2B Gym in Cookstown. 

Gym+Coffee X Google HQ Dublin Health and Fitness Week Stretch Event

Lots of these Googlers spend a good chunk of time at a desk during the week, so Sean tailored his class to focus on ways to stretch tired muscles and to keep a level of flexibility in an often-static environment. There was lots of long-holds and partner work, resulting in a bit of short-term pain for a lot of long-term gain!

This was an exciting new style of event for us and we can’t wait to get involved in more like of the like. Being able to join in with a new community, and hopefully share a little Make Life Richer magic with a new crowd was so fantastic. 

Gym+Coffee Sean Harding Stretch Class with Google European HQ Team

A MASSIVE shout-out to all the Googlers who attended (or helped to coordinate!) this awesome event and to Sean Harding who led an incredible class that challenged us all but also most definitely left us wanting more!

Interested in having us work with your company for similar events? Give us a shout here!

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