#UrbanStretch 9

For Urban Stretch 9, we will be meeting at Stephen's Green at 7.15am at the Leeson St gate entrance. You will be able to leave any valuables you have with a G+C team member there. The run will take us around the city centre for a route of 5km and we will finish at The Art of Coffee on Harcourt Road. After a lovely morning coffee and a fun run, we will be all done by 8.30.

Why are we doing this? The majority of the goals that were submitted by our community at our 1st birthday party were running related. People were aiming to complete 5k, 10k, half marathons and marathons by the end of 2018. Others were just hoping to get out and get active and integrate running into a weekly routine. It was surprising to us to see such a focus on one activity but it does reflect a lot of emails and messages we got on social media where there is a constant desire to get running.

The idea behind Urban Stretch is not to create an elite running club. Our aim is to create a relaxed, social, fun morning running crew with an open invite to all. There will be no personal bests set here but you will get a sweat on, meet new people and have a delicious coffee all before work. If that sounds like something you’re up for, then register your email below and we’ll send you some more details.

Remember, the best time to get up is an hour earlier :)

Predicted FAQs:

What about my gear and valuables? They will be kept safe by a member of the G+C team.

What time will it be finished? Everything will be wrapped up by 8.30.

Is it suitable to me? Yes, this is open to everyone of all levels and experience.

Is there a set distance? No, but we will run approx 6km and everyone is encouraged to run at their own pace.

What if I don’t drink coffee? Cool, well it’s kinda weird but we can still have the chats and hang out after :)