We are proud to introduce The Crew, our most ambitious project to date. The Crew aims to take community, health, fitness and individual goals to the next level. Applications are now open. Submit your information below to be part of this exciting project.

So many of us are more connected than ever to a huge number of people while at the same time feeling more disconnected than ever and experiencing feelings of loneliness. The Crew is a 9 month guided group practice where a group of people will come together to grow and achieve together.

Working with mental and physical health experts as well as Gym+Coffee ambassadors, the Crew will meet monthly to achieve a unique activity together followed by open group conversations around goals, obstacles and the process to work together.

What’s involved:

  • 4 two hour guided group discussion with expert facilitator
  • Monthly experiences with team G+C, ambassadors and partners
  • Weekly check ins with team G+C
  • Ongoing support from your assigned buddy and the full team