June 12, 2018 1 min read

This year's Summer Stretch Series in association with Healthcoach by Laya Healthcare keeps getting better and better. In the first three sessions alone we've had a combined total of almost 300 attendees. Absolutely incredible turnouts and great fun. This week we have even higher hopes. 

Fearless Moves in Merrion Square, Dublin

Session 4 of the Summer Stretch Series will take place this Sunday the 17th of June in Merrion Square. The session will be brought with help from our friends at Fearless Moves

Fearless Moves brings a whole new dynamic and atmosphere to working out. Fearless Moves is a hugely popular event which combines a high intensity bodyweight workout with a live DJ.

Reap all the benefits of working out but in a party atmosphere. The group session is available to people of all levels of fitness and music tastes!

Coffee Chats at Lolly & Cooks

As always there will be coffee and chats afterwards. This week we will be heading down to the amazingly good Lolly & Cooks on Holles Street, just off Merrion Square.

We are expecting another massive turnout for this Fearless Moves workout. If you are interested in attending, please declare your interest below to give us a rough idea of numbers.

This might just be the most fun session yet, we're excited to see you all there!


Date : Sunday 17th June

Time :10.00-11.00

Class : Fearless Moves

Trainer: Jenny Murphy

Location: Merrion Square, Dublin

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