Gym+Coffee comes to Dundrum

July 03, 2018 3 min read

Gym+Coffee comes to Dundrum

Gym+Coffee comes to Dundrum
Keep moving forward! That’s a line we use a lot here at Gym+Coffee. While we have huge ambitions, our main focus is that we’re moving forward, growing as a business, growing as a community and that we’re still saying yes, and trying new things. Well that certainly is the case now with our next exciting and scary venture - a pop-up shop in Dundrum Shopping Centre!!

Our store opens next Saturday July 7th at 9:30am. This is definitely the biggest undertaking we’ve ever taken on, and all the emotions you’d expect are coming along with that! Excitement -> Panic -> Excitement -> Panic!! Sitting down to write this blog post we wanted to take a moment to explain how we’ve got to this point, why we’re doing one now, and what you can expect at our store!

We’re now almost 18 months in business, that’s pretty cool! :) We now have a strong team of 7 employees, every week there’s hundreds of our amazing community coming to our #SummerStretch events and we’re seeing more and more #HoodiesInTheWild. All signs that we’re moving forward and achievements that we’re very proud of, but we want to keep the pace up. The question we get asked most often is, where is your store, where can I buy (and try) your clothing? We’ve hated not being able to have an answer here. We’ve received so much amazing support over the last 18 months and we want to continue impressing you guys! If you want a Gym+Coffee shop, then that’s what we want to give you!

We have always wanted to do our own pop-up shop. While there’s many advantages to being an online business there are also some drawbacks, so the idea of having a physical location that is a 100% Gym+Coffee space has always been a goal for us. Our plan was always that we would attempt this late in 2018, however through a lucky turn of events we were presented with this opportunity now, in July 2018! And despite there being 100 reasons not to do it, we said yes, and we’re doing it. We’re going big, we’re doing our popup shop in Dundrum Shopping Centre, one of the biggest shopping centres in Ireland!

So what can you expect at our pop-up?
Firstly we are really excited to announce that this weekend we will be launching our U-Range of Women’s tank tops at our Dundrum store. Building on our recently launched leggings range, we are now adding 3 different styled tank-tops, in 3 different colours, giving you 9 different options!

More than just shopping! All our incredible clothing will all be there but we want to bring more than just shopping to Dundrum. Over the 2 weeks (and 3 weekends) our store will host exercise classes, coffee mornings, talks, fashion shoots, and lots more!

Big personalities stopping by! Stay tuned to our social media to see what brilliant guests will be popping into our store. :)

#SummerStretch 9!! That’s right, our 9th Summer Stretch will take place in Dundrum on July 22nd and it’s going to be pretty damn epic!!

Competitions, challenges, offers, giveaways and more! It's going to be a fun few weeks! :)

We know we’re guilty of using the word “excited” a lot, but we can’t help it! Growing Gym+Coffee and our community is the most exciting thing there is. Our upcoming pop-up shop really has us excited. Over the last few weeks we’ve been putting together the shop designs, the calendar of events, the launch plans, and we are buzzing to launch!

Loads more to come on our shop but for now, if you can make it to Dundrum over the next 2 weeks then make sure you call to our shop. We are on the 3rd floor, just as you come up the escalators and next to the foodcourt. Follow the smell of coffee or the enormous queue of people!!! :)

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